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This is a list of all Happily Divorced episodes.

Season Episode
Premire Finale
1 TBA June 15, 2011 TBA

Season 1[]

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This is a list of season one episodes. This season began on June 15, 2011 and contained TBA episodes.

Episode number Name Summary Guest stars Air date
1x001 Pilot Peter comes out of the closet and Fran goes on a date. TBA June 15, 2011
1x002 Pillow Talk Fran worries about her relationship with Elliot when he thinks she's too close to her ex-husband, but her plans for a romantic evening turn into an awkward morning thanks to Peter's drunken behavior. TBA June 22, 2011
1x003 Anniversary Peter hopes an anniversary date will make amends for his suggestion to sell Fran's engagement ring to pay their taxes, but he's shocked to find out she's made other plans. TBA June 29, 2011
1x004 Spousal Sport TBA TBA July 6, 2011
1x005 A Date With Destiny TBA TBA July 13, 2011